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Climashield-Self Drilling Screws

Atul Fasteners Ltd. first & the only company in India to get ISI marking for self tapping screws. An ISO 9001 certified company specializing in the engineering and manufacturing of high corrosion resistant fasteners used extensively in the industrial and construction applications.


Climashield-Self-drilling screws passing the following tests are complying to Australian Standard AS 3566.2 CLASS 3, (March 2003) Specification.
S. No. Type of Test Comply wtih
1. 1000 hours of Neutral Salt Spray Test AS 2331.3.1
2. 1000 hours of Humidity Exposure Test ASTM D2247
3. 2000 hours of UV Condensation Test ASTM G 154
4. 15 cycles of Kestternish Test DIN 50018 SFW 2.05 S
  CLIAMASHIELD Coating Technology
  Atul Fasteners, CLIMASHIELD screws are coated with unique anti-corrosion coating consisting of 3 distinct layers which combine to give exceptional Corrosion protection.

1. A mechanically deposited Zinc-Tin coating giving excellent galvanic protection.

2. A chromate coating to passivate Zinc - Tin alloy coating further inhibiting coating loss and prevent weathering effect.

3. A special polyester coating (3 layers) to provide good all - round corrosin and log term weathering resistance.
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